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Premium Craft Gin

ABV 40
Flavors & Mouthfeel Clear color. Aromas and flavors of juniper, sweet ginger, bay, lemon balm, aniseed, and angelica with a supple, bright, dry light body and a smooth, relaxed finish that presents notes of orange peel, white flowers, and coriander finish. A classically styled gin for easy mixed drinks.
Made With Artesian Well Water
Style Gin
Accolades Silver Medal Tastings
Source South Salt Lake , UT
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Product Description

Dented Brick is named in honor of the well driller that was responsible for the amazing artesian well that is located in the distillery and is the source of water for our spirits. The well driller was killed in a blazing gunfight that left impressions in the bricks of his house. Some of those "dented bricks" are integrated into distillery building and also gave it its name.

Dented Brick gin is made using a unique cold maturation process where the team steeps the highest quality botanicals, juniper berries, coriander, fennel, citrus peel and angelica root in cold high proof grain neutral spirit. It is then redistilled to clarify the genever and brought to proof with the most important ingredient — artesian, limestone-filtered water. This water is sourced directly from the majestic mountains of Utah, home of the greatest snow on earth! The snowmelt then flows into the distillery's own Artesian Well creating the unique flavor profile crafted from this mineral rich water.

This handcrafted gin has aromas of cracked juniper, wintergreen, spring
pea, coriander, and cardamom with a satiny, crisp, dry-yet-fruity light
body and a tingling, amusing, medium-length Altoids mints and dried
oregano finish. A clean-cut gin bursting with fresh, herbal appeal.

Aroma: Juniper, sweet ginger, bay, lemon balm, aniseed, and angelica
Palate: Supple, bright, dry light body
Finish: Smooth, relaxed


Silver Medal 2019

Silver Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018

Dented Brick UA-72756627-1