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Disco Nut Coconut Flavored Rum

ABV 25
Flavors & Mouthfeel The aroma is a strongly of sugary sweet coconut, reminiscent of suntan lotion, coconut candy and a PiƱa Colada cocktail.
Style Flavored Rum
Made With Artesian Well Water
Style Rum
Source South Salt Lake , UT
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Product Description

Disco-Nut Rum began in 2020 as a collaboration with the Utah Pride Center and The Pride Center at Equality Park in Florida, with a portion of all proceeds from bottles sold donated to support these organizations! Disco-nut is a coconut flavored rum, flavored with real coconut, but we've added a special edible glitter. The unique inclusion of edible glitter allows for the creation of social media-worthy cocktails as distinctive as they are socially responsible. Be sure to shake it!

Made from 81% ABV light rum base distilled from sugar cane molasses in the US Virgin Islands, this sourced rum is proofed down to 25% ABV with Artesian well water, filtered through multiple charcoal filters, before being blended with coconut syrup and edible glitter.

Aroma: Sugary sweet coconut, suntan lotion, coconut candy and a Piña Colada cocktail.

Palate: Soft, dry light body and a lingering sweet coconut finish.

Finish: The finish is long and luxurious

A sweet and fruity rum perfect for hot summer days; easy drinking and highly mixable. Shake shake shake!

Dented Brick UA-72756627-1